12 July, 2021

Romark Logistics Earns Two 2021 Recognitions as Green Provider

Romark Logistics, a third-party logistics company supporting all facets of supply chain needs, has been named a 2021 Top Green Provider by Food Logistics, a publication dedicated to covering product movement through the global cold food supply chain. This honor recognizes companies whose products, services or exemplary leadership is enhancing sustainability within the cold food and beverage industry. In addition, the Inbound Logistics magazine team has selected Romark as a Green Supply Chain Partner for 2021. This is an editor’s choice list of 75 companies that go above and beyond to ensure their global supply chains are sustainable, and that their operations are socially and environmentally friendly. It recognizes Romark as a company dedicated to developing and implementing best practices to ensure it leaves a positive footprint on the world.

“We consider our ‘green’ approach as a core commitment that benefits our employees, our customers, and the communities we serve,” says Ryan Ziegler, Director of Facilities and Sustainability Management at Romark. “Every Romark team member is considered a company champion of our sustainability program. We are already 90% landfill-free across our facilities, and we are working toward a zero-carbon footprint goal.”

In addition to ongoing investments in technology, automation, and robotics, Romark collaborates with company-wide partners to reduce waste and redundancy. Green initiatives include a 4.26 megawatt solar electric system with 17,745 panels at the Edison, NJ site; a 2-megawatt rooftop solar array with more than 8,500 solar panels at the Hazelton, PA site; sitewide conversion to lithium ion batteries and smart chargers for forklifts; conversion to compliant tractor engines; truck technology to improve efficiency; water conservation equipment; and company-wide recycling requirements.

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About Romark Logistics

Romark Logistics provides customers around the world with best-in-class, third-party logistics to support all facets of the supply chain. Sharing expertise since 1954, Romark provides services for leading food, beverage, pharmaceutical, commodities, and retail customers in areas like distribution and fulfillment, transportation management, packaging and value-added solutions, and real estate development. For more than 60 years, Romark has grown organically and through strategic acquisition of leading warehousing, packaging, and transportation companies in the United States. Together with investments in automation and technology, Romark has blended these acquisitions into strong, value-added business units that help provide its customers with personalized, dependable solutions. To learn more, visit