Contract Warehousing

We offer contract warehousing as an attractive alternative for companies seeking to outsource their warehousing and distribution functions. Our service allows customers to focus their attention on the core competencies of their business. Romark’s unique approach to setting up a contract warehousing model gives you the flexibility you need to ensure cost-effective warehouse operations are established and risks are shared.

Our 60 years of operational warehousing success can provide you:

  • Lower labor costs.
  • Reduced exposure to Worker’s Compensation.
  • A reduction in the administrative burdens associated with managing a large labor force.
  • Detailed dashboard and KPI (key performance indicators) metrics.
  • A Total Quality Management approach to distribution functions.
  • Increased opportunities to capture and control costs.
  • Best in Industry practices.

We have established a proven operational start-up model that systematically takes our customers from ideas to successful implementation. Our model is based on the following steps:

  • Design — Develop goals, objectives and desired outcomes.
  • Model — Construct proposal with opportunities for improvement.
  • Assemble — Set up team to define all warehousing functions.
  • Test — Evaluate assumptions against processes and confirm findings.
  • Implement — Go live with plan, allocate the space and train the labor.
  • Review — Quantify results and report against desired outcomes.

Contract warehousing pricing is customized to each customer and can include fee structures such as:

  • Cost plus pricing / management fee.
  • Key performance indicator’s (KPI’s) incentive payments.
  • Combination of fixed & variable programs.
  • Shared savings model.
  • Real Estate Partnership.

  • High cubed rack environment.
  • Currently managing locations of up to 54 ft.
  • Double deep-narrow aisle; high density storage.
  • VNA (very narrow aisle); very high density storage.
  • Food-grade warehousing meeting AIB standards.
  • Temperature (38 degrees F to 65 degrees F) and humidity controlled environments; ambient storage.
  • Rail sidings.
  • Sprinkler systems exceed factory mutual standards.
  • ICC lights & locks.
  • Secured trailer parking.

Our top priority is to protect the integrity of your products. Since we are a food inventory expert, cleanliness is an essential value of Romark Logistics.

  • Our sanitation programs exceed the highest standards of the industry.
  • Full time janitorial staff supervised by a full time, licensed and certified Sanitation Manger.
  • Our 18 inch rodent barrier around the perimeter of every warehouse is maintained by our staff and an outsourced pest control specialist twice a week.
  • Our sanitation staff conducts daily visual audits to prevent harborage problems.
  • Our on-staff maintenance team handles painting, rack repairs, dock repairs and general maintenance.
  • We have never failed a customer sanitation or quality assurance audit.

  • On-site security management, including site and video surveillance.
  • Guard controlled gates, 24/7
  • Digital imaging of transport drivers and documentation.
  • Controlled access using biometric and keyless technology.
  • Superior facility security ratings which has reduced insurance costs for our customers.

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